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I use gravatar_image_tag to generate user avatars. It works perfectly fine in Rails 3.0.10, but breaks when I upgrade to Rails 3.1.0. Unfortunately, it doesn't produce any error message/warning. It just stops showing images. I have no clue how to debug this.

I know this is very limited information, but hopefully someone who ran into this issue before may help me out.

Thank you.

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Have you successfully migrated everything to 3.1? The changes are very significant because of the introduction of the Asset Pipeline post 3.1. If you're using the gravatar_image_tag gem, chances are, you have not yet successfully migrated. – Terence Ponce Jun 1 '12 at 7:59
My upgrade is mostly successful (I follow RailsCasts tutorial on upgrading to Rails 3.1 religiously), except for some broken images due to new image_tag syntax. Could you please explain why if I still use gravatar_image_tag gem then I have not yet successfully migrated? Thank you. – AdamNYC Jun 1 '12 at 12:06

I found out that in Rails 3.0, I can write:

        - link_to(@user) do
          = avatar_for(@user, size = 80)

but in Rails 3.1, I have to write:

        = link_to(@user) do
          = avatar_for(@user, size = 80)

This is the reason why gravatar_image_tag doesn't work for me after upgrading to Rails 3.1

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