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I have achieved this sql statement:

SELECT users.firstname, users.lastname, users.screenname, profile.profile_pic,
users.user_id, messages.msgid, messages.message, messages.action,
DATE_FORMAT(messages.date_sent, '%M %d, %Y %r') AS date_sent
FROM messages messages
JOIN users ON messages.sent_by = users.user_id
LEFT JOIN profile ON (users.user_id = profile.user_id)
WHERE messages.recepient_id = "12052821" and messages.action = false

And it outputs me the correct output (below) enter image description here

The problem is how do you sort out all the list of the users who messaged you and display the top 1 messages ORDER BY by msgid DESC respectively? (Users must not be repeated)

Here are my tables enter image description here

My query above needs a little bit of enhancement I guess. Thank you guys in advance

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Problem Solved - just need to add this line: GROUP BY users.user_id before order by

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Lool. ORDER BY msgid DESC LIMIT 1 = simply gives you 1 output in DESCENDING order out of 10 for example – Peter Wateber Jun 1 '12 at 5:25
The question does necessarily wants to have distinct values. When two or more rows have the same user_id, the output should give you only 1 distinct user_id from the same rows not LIMIT. – Peter Wateber Jun 1 '12 at 5:36

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