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This is a very general question. I am triggering few open graph actions from my facebook app, but the aggregation which I created in my settings doesn't show up on my timeline.Everything else works fine, i.e the ticker, news feed and activity log get updated after I trigger the action. The aggregation shows up in the application activity but not on my timeline. What is the reason behind this?

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First, Have you defined aggregations in the developer console?enter image description here

As per the doc here

When a user installs an application that publishes back to Open Graph, an Aggregation defined by the application will appear on the user's Timeline based on two key factors:

  • Data availability - Sufficient actions and objects were published to generate an Aggregation in a given time period.

  • Feedback - Calculated based on how engaged users are with the Aggregation on their Timelines, covering both positive actions (liking, commenting, pinning) and negative ones (removing/hiding the aggregation, removing the application that generated the aggregation).

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Yes, I have. The aggregations are showing up in the activity log of the application, but not on my timeline. – serpent403 Jun 1 '12 at 9:42
It shows when it find's the enough content to display as per the documentation "Data availability" section. – Venu Jun 4 '12 at 8:08

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