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How can I measure similarity-percentage between two sequences of strings?

I have two text files and In files there sequences are written like

First file:


Second file:


How to measure similarity between these two files in terms of order of strings?

For example in above example both files have similarity due to order of strings is same however some strings are missing in file-2. What algorithm is best suitable to solve this problem so that I can measure how similar is order of strings not frequency of strings in two?

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You could use the Levenstein Distance algorithm. It analyzes how many edits that is needed to transform one string into another. This article explains it pretty well, and a sample implementation is provided.

Copy paste from Codeproject:

1.  Set n to be the length of s. ("GUMBO")
    Set m to be the length of t. ("GAMBOL")
    If n = 0, return m and exit.
    If m = 0, return n and exit.
    Construct two vectors, v0[m+1] and v1[m+1], containing 0..m elements.
2.  Initialize v0 to 0..m.
3.  Examine each character of s (i from 1 to n).
4.  Examine each character of t (j from 1 to m).
5.  If s[i] equals t[j], the cost is 0.
    If s[i] is not equal to t[j], the cost is 1.
6.  Set cell v1[j] equal to the minimum of:
    a. The cell immediately above plus 1: v1[j-1] + 1.
    b. The cell immediately to the left plus 1: v0[j] + 1.
    c. The cell diagonally above and to the left plus the cost: v0[j-1] + cost.
7.  After the iteration steps (3, 4, 5, 6) are complete, the distance is found in the cell v1[m].
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