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I have a question about GPL licensing which I could not find an answer for in GPL FAQ. I'm planning to use a GPL licensed library (actually a DLL) and dynamically link it against my property software. My software is being developed due to a contract between me and my customer. I do not have a future plan to release it different customers, it will be developed for a single customer. In our contract, I'm also required to release my source code along with the binaries. I know that, if I use a GPL licensed library, I need to make my software to be licensed with a GPL compatible license. However, it is not my intention to make my source code to be publicly available. In future, my customer open it to public if they want.

The question is: If I license my software with a GPL compatible license and deliver my source code and binaries to my contractual customer without making the source code publicly available, will there be any problem/violation regarding the GPL license terms? Note that: I accept that my contractual customer make the source code available to public if they want in future.

Thanks in advance.

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No. The clause regarding making the source available only applies to consumers of the binary. There is no need to show the source to anyone that you have not made the binary available to.

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