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I need to disable progressive buffering of an HTTP response.

I've got this working in Perl using a file handle class:

$TIE = tie(*STDOUT,__PACKAGE__);

Print statements are stored in an array and are retrieved via the following:

$buffer = tied *STDOUT;
$buffer = join('', @$buffer);
undef $TIE;

If the HTTP response is text/html, it correctly displays in the browser.

However, for binary streams, I can't set binmode on STDOUT after it is untied, and the contents are corrupted.

If I save the HTTP response to a file, or if I do not use a file handle class, the binary data is preserved.

Any suggestions on how to force raw encoding? Thanks.

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Something like this work?

use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Handle;

my $io = IO::Handle->new;
my $fh = $io->fdopen(fileno(STDOUT),"w");

my $TIE = tie( $fh ,__PACKAGE__);

sub TIESCALAR { };


print $fh "Foo";
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Thanks, Evan. I've narrowed it down to my chunked transfer encoding method which is using unpack with an a template. That seems to be overriding binmode. – xpsd300 Jun 1 '12 at 12:04

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