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Can anyone help me with a link where I find Dojo sliding panel ? I have been searching for it but still didn't got it. I have sliding panel for jQuery, I got it from this link :

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You could make use of the dojo.fx.wipeIn functionality.

So if you create two divs, one above the other, have the top one with display: none, and the other as the bit that you click to slide the panel down. Then use dojo.connect to link the clicking of the bottom panel to a wipe in of your top panel.


// Have your main body content
var mainBody;

// Create top panel
var myPanel = document.createElement("div");

// Set visibility to none, "display", "none");

// Create tab to expand your panel (or slide it down)
var expand = document.createElement("div");
expand.innerHTML = "click here to slide down";


var self = this;

dojo.connect(expand, "onclick", this, slidePanel);

Then you'd have your slidePanel function do something like:

// Get reference to your panel
var myPanel;

var wipeArgs = {
    node: myPanel

// Then just wipe the panel in or out respectively
if ( == "none") {
} else {
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Can you please help me with how to put these things together ? I will be very thankful. – user1273640 Jun 3 '12 at 5:44

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