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I have one repeated random error in run result of the Test complete automation . Issue Information follows,

     "Cannot obtain the window with the window class 'IEFrame' "application url" - Windows  Internet Explorer...........
     Object does not exist. (It displays more than 500 lines)
     Cannot get a Picture Object the input Parameter"

I am using TestComplete 8.70 Version I am using LLP, C# scripts not a keyword test. I am using web based application. Browser is IE 9.0 I have 100 test cases in my one project file.

These issues appeared randomly any test case or cases when I am running all test cases at one time. If i run issued test case separately, it runs successfully. While running them at the same time yields issues I cannot identify what is the problem.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Have you tried TestComplete forums/support? You'll more likely get an answer there. – Helen Jun 1 '12 at 8:19
Yep, you need to send your TC project suite with the failed execution log to Support (as a zipped file). This type of issues are specific to a test, and a tested application, so every such situation is unique. The only common thing about them is that some good recommendations are given here: The instructions may look lengthy, but that's the learning curve - you need to be able to sort things out with non-found objects when your app changes, or your Name Mapping is not reliable. Support can help you with your first steps, then you need to learn. – Alex Jun 1 '12 at 13:59
Why do you use LLP? Is the reason for this that you own the Standard edition of TestComplete? – Dmitry Nikolaev Jun 1 '12 at 16:44

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