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I'm trying to create a simple assembly program, which allows the user to input a value and print it away. So far I've got the following: When running the program I get the error: segmentation error. Can anybody help me please?

    STRING: .asciz "test\n"

    input: .long

    .global main
    pushl %ebp # Prolog: push the base pointer.
    movl %esp, %ebp # and copy stack pointer to EBP.

    formatstr: .asciz "%d"

    subl $4, %esp # Reserve stack space for variable
    leal -4(%ebp), %eax # Load address of stack var in eax
    pushl $input # Push second argument of scanf
    pushl $formatstr # Push first argument of scanf
    call scanf # Call scanf

    movl $8, %esp # Clear local variables from stack.

    pushl $input
    call printf

    movl $0, %eax
    movl %ebp, %esp
    popl %ebp # Restore caller's base pointer.
    ret # Return

    pushl $STRING #push the format string printing
    call printf # print the number
    call inout

    add $4, %esp
    pushl $0
    call exit
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If it didn't explode when you execute data at

 formatstr: .asciz "%d"

it most probably will give a segmentation fault trying to use the stack with a wonky stack pointer:

movl $8, %esp # Clear local variables from stack.

pushl $input

Perhaps you meant to

addl $8, %esp
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Thanks a bunch! – user1390504 Jun 4 '12 at 12:56

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