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Getting a bit lost with the following code, I have an array of values that themselves are arrays, each array consists of a Page_Id, ParentPage_Id and Page (name), I'm trying to loop through the array to rebuild it in order of the ParentPage_Id value, so that the Page_Id 9 would be first, then the next would be 5 because that has the Parent of 9, then 6 because of the parent of 5, then 7, 2, 8 and so on.

Basically need to re-order the original array based on the order of the ParentPage_Id and the children of that if that makes sense.

Any help or pointers would be great, here's my code so far.

$array = array();
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>9, 'ParentPage_Id'=>0, 'Page'=>'Page1'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>4, 'ParentPage_Id'=>0, 'Page'=>'Page2'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>3, 'ParentPage_Id'=>4, 'Page'=>'Page3'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>5, 'ParentPage_Id'=>9, 'Page'=>'Page4'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>11, 'ParentPage_Id'=>3, 'Page'=>'Page5'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>12, 'ParentPage_Id'=>3, 'Page'=>'Page6'));  
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>13, 'ParentPage_Id'=>3, 'Page'=>'Page7'));  
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>6, 'ParentPage_Id'=>5, 'Page'=>'Page8'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>10, 'ParentPage_Id'=>3, 'Page'=>'Page9'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>7, 'ParentPage_Id'=>6, 'Page'=>'Page10'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>2, 'ParentPage_Id'=>7, 'Page'=>'Page11'));
array_push($array, array('Page_Id'=>8, 'ParentPage_Id'=>7, 'Page'=>'Page12'));


function sort_pages($array) {

$tmp_array = array();

foreach($array as $page) {
    array_push($tmp_array, $page);
    child_pages($array, $page['Page_Id'], 1, $tmp_array);

return $tmp_array;


function child_pages($param_array, $page_id, $level, &$tmp_array) {

$aPages = array();
foreach($param_array as $aPage) { 
    if(isset($aPage['ParentPage_Id']) && $aPage['ParentPage_Id'] == $page_id) {
        array_push($aPages, $aPage);

foreach($aPages as &$page) {
    array_push($tmp_array, $page);
    child_pages($array, $page['Page_Id'], $level, $tmp_array);

return $tmp_array;

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i see a error in array for aPage , have a look codepad.org/RJrgN3zL –  Rafee Jun 1 '12 at 7:48
Sorry, my bad, that line should read... child_pages($aPages, $page['Page_Id'], $level, $tmp_array); –  vinman75 Jun 1 '12 at 8:02
codepad.org/ZQHhXnQ8 –  vinman75 Jun 1 '12 at 8:03

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