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I have a form with multiple models in it. The validates in the models seems correct and the models are associated properly. But how do I invalidateFields from two models and pass the display error back to the form?

Code in my users)_controller.php is:

$errors = $this->User->invalidFields(array('fieldList' => array('password','cpassword','firstname','lastname','email')));


But I have a Profile model chained like this:


and want it to invalidFields to Profile.zip.

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you can use chained if clauses like described at http://www.dereuromark.de/2010/10/09/about-php-basics-and-pitfalls/

basically, you use & instead of &&

so if you got a main model and related data:

if ($this->User->validates() & $this->User->Profile->validates()) {

the single & makes sure that both conditions are executed (with && you would only trigger the first one if there was an error and therefore the validation rules would not get rendered for the related model)

you could also do:

$val1 = $this->User->validates();
$val2 = $this->User->Profile->validates();
if ($val1 && $val2) {}

this way they both get executed before you go into the if clause.

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Instead of manually setting errors in the invalid fields array, I would suggest to use the $validate array to set up validation rules.

You can define your own, complex rules if the built in ones are not enough.

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this is using the validate, but how do the errors show in the form? –  chris Jun 1 '12 at 8:08
still doesn't answer my question, because the validate => only option in saveAll is not showing my Profile.zip error –  chris Jun 1 '12 at 8:11

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