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I created a collection with interlaced models in backbone.js like this: (with for-loop)

var categories = new Category({ // main model
    title:  myJSON.category[h].title,
    product: []

var product = new Product({ // sub-model
        articleNumber:  myJSON.category[h].articles[j].articleNumber,
    shortDesc:  myJSON.category[h].articles[j].shortDesc,
    stock:      myJSON.category[h].articles[j].stock,
    price:      myJSON.category[h].articles[j].price,
    packaging:  myJSON.category[h].articles[j].packaging            
categoryCollection.add(categories); // my Collection

Then i created a view in backbone.js and used the the rendering from jQuery templates:

   render: function(){
        var col = {
            collection: categoryCollection.toJSON(),
        var templ = $("#productTemplate").tmpl(col);

So, here's the code from my html file

    <script id="productTemplate" type="text/x-jQuery-tmpl"> 
<div id="product_cat_1" class="product_table">
    <div class="site_links_top">

    <!-- creating product categories in table -->
    {{each collection}}
    <a href="#product_cat_${$index + 1}" class="category category_closed"> 
            ${$value.title} </a>

    <!-- creating products in table -->
    {{each ????? }} // i tried value, ${value}, ${$value} ....
                 // code..


i don't know how to iterate through the second model ( product[] ). any ideas?

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Not idea about jquery template but a fast search brought me here: groups.google.com/group/knockoutjs/msg/3029be54fe2f69b8 can be related? I have check the jsFiddle and it shows a nested loop there. –  fguillen Jun 1 '12 at 9:20
the correct syntax for the second loop is: {{each $value}} ... easier than expected :) –  sabotage Jun 1 '12 at 14:01

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