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When I send this HQL query to a MySQL ddbb

public List<EscaleCatalogueKaravel> obtenirListeEscalesCroisiereAvecIdCroisiereKaravel(Integer idCroisiereKaravel, Integer refLangue) {
         List<EscaleCatalogueKaravel> listeEscales = entityManager.createQuery("select p from EscaleCatalogueKaravel p " +
                    "where p.idCroisiereComplete=:idCroisiereComplete and p.refLangue=:refLangue")
                    .setParameter("idCroisiereComplete", idCroisiereKaravel)
                    .setParameter("refLangue", refLangue)

         return listeEscales;

I got the correct number of results, though all of them are the same. However if I query the ddbb manually (the query which is showed in the logs) the resultset is correct.

Also, if I substitute "p" for the field names in the Entity, the result is correct (but there are no property names in the results set, just indexes)

This is my entity

public class EscaleCatalogueKaravel implements Serializable {

    private Integer idCroisiereComplete;

    private Integer idEscale;

    private String nomEscale;

    private Integer refMarche;

    private Integer refLangue;

    public Integer getIdCroisiereComplete() {
        return idCroisiereComplete;



I'm doing exactly the same with other entities and everything works fine. Ideas?

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Probably because


should be added to your query, but this has been answered like a thousand times on this forum already

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