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i'll like to print in a web page, text-user input, but it could have HTML-TAGs. However, if user makes wrong HTML or applies some CSS rule (e.g using style tag), i want that page content doesn't to be affected. (i don't like to use iframes).

Tags-user must be applied. I need to prevent bad-close-tag or errors or global css rules, in the possible isolate javascript. A kind of "sandbox" by text-user.

Best regards

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you can use:

strip_tags($html,"<p><img>");    // only <p>,<img> is allowed

the javascript / style wont be executed, but this doesnt get rid of the tag's body.

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You should use some pre-built filter for this, as there is no simple solution.

I recommend looking at HTMLPurifier, this will help you achieve the sandbox effect you're after.

striptags could be used but I don't recommend this as malicious code could be put inside the allowed tags.

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I think he want a function to allow only particular html tag – Marco Pace Jun 1 '12 at 8:47

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