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I'm a beginner of emacs. when i try to config my emacs, i googled a lot of examples. most of them have a site-lisp directory.

My question is why not use my-lisp for self maded lisp files and use vendor-lisp for other people's site.

And what things should site-lisp direcotry contain.

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my-lisp and vendor-lisp are perfectly fine directory names for organising your personal elisp configuration and libraries.

"site" means "this computer", and so the site-lisp directory is for elisp which should be available to all users of the computer.

Similarly to .emacs.d and site-lisp directory (follow for more details), I get the impression that you might be asking about having a site-lisp directory within your user-specific configuration, which would be contrary to this naming convention, and possibly a bit confusing.

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Thanks, i guess "site" stands for "this computer". my guess is correct. –  Eorza Jun 1 '12 at 9:31

If you take a look around, there's also python-site and ruby-site. They are used by other packages from the package management to install .el files in a directory where emacs finds them at load.

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