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I found a result in clojurescript whon aset is chained:

(def data (js-obj))
(-> data 
    (aset "a" "a")
    (aset "b" "b"))

(aget data "a") ;=> "a"
(aget data "b") ;=> 'returns nothing'


(-> 1 inc dec) ;=> returns 1, which is fine
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Ankur is right about why this happens; to "work around" it, you should use the more semantically-descriptive:

(doto data
      (aset "a" "a")
      (aset "b" "b"))
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aset returns the inserted element and not the array object itself, hence in the case of "b" the data is not threaded to it from previous "a" call.

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yeah... I wasn't thinking properly =) I realised this morning I should have used doto for chaining. –  zcaudate Jun 1 '12 at 20:17

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