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Im trying to attempt to insert the work "Peach" into my 'trees' table where there are the following fields:

ID (Auto Increment) owner_id tree_type (this is where i want "PEACH" added) tree_height tree_ammount active

Heres the script



include 'src/sql_handler.php'; 

include 'src/tree_handler.php';

if(isset($_POST['submitPeach'])) {

$array = array('tree' => $_POST['tree'],);

$handler = new Tree_Handler;





<form method="post" action="<?php echo $PHP_SELF;?>">
<input type="image" src="images/tree/Choose Fruit/fruit1.jpg" name="submitPeach" />    


My sql_handler is fine, i know this because all its used for is connecting to the MySQL DB, which works with all my other scripts fine.

Here is the tree_handler.php

function addPeach($array) {

    $SQL_CON = new MySQL_Con;


    $tree_type = 'Peach';

    $query = mysql_query("SELECT ID FROM users WHERE email='".mysql_real_escape_string($_SESSION['email'])."'") or die(mysql_error());

    $data = mysql_fetch_array($query);

    $query = mysql_query("INSERT INTO trees(owner_id, tree_type, active) VALUES ('".mysql_real_escape_string($data['ID'])."',[Peach],[0])") or die(mysql_error());

    if (!$query) 
$message  = 'Invalid query: ' . mysql_error();
echo "Added";



My issue here is when i click on the fruit1.jpg picture it acts like its loading, but does nothing, inst inserting anything into the table nor giving me an error message. Do i HAVE to use all columns when inserting into a table or am i aloud to only pick the owner_id, tree_type, active columns


i want to match the email of the user, then add the ID of that user. (There us a column called ID in the users table which is the auto increment in the users table) carried over to the trees table owner_id column. then insert the word Peach into the tree_type column, and if its active or not which right now would be 0 because its not active, once the user clicks that peach and it appends, there's still those tree_height and tree_ammount columns that are being left NULL until they are taken to the next screen where they have a fun way to interact with the tree they chose to pick the height of the tree, but that's a whole other story and different page. Just thought i would let you know the FULL process.

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you want to insert $data['ID'], 'Peach' and 0 right ? – Moyed Ansari Jun 1 '12 at 9:37
i did a mass edit on the original post as it is valuable information, please read it – Aaron Russell Jun 1 '12 at 15:51

Your query should look like

$query = mysql_query("INSERT INTO trees(owner_id, tree_type, active) VALUES
('".mysql_real_escape_string($data['ID'])."','Peach',0)") or die(mysql_error());  
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i dont see a difference between your code provided and mine... explain please. I see the brackets were removed from peach and 0... is that really nessissary? Can you explain why? Not saying your wrong, just want to know why so i get a better understanding of the code. I am new to PHP – Aaron Russell Jun 1 '12 at 15:28
You are trying to insert like [Peach],[0]; which is not correct. – Rahul Jun 1 '12 at 15:29
so if its a number use nothing, if its a text string then use the ' ' around the word? Am i understanding that correctly? Btw i tried that, and it didnt work. – Aaron Russell Jun 1 '12 at 15:48
@AaronRussell, that's correct. BTW, it didnt work is not a proper error definition. You need to tell what didn't worked? What error did you get if any? – Rahul Jun 1 '12 at 17:51
@AaronRussell, I would suggest you to debug your whole code and see exactly where it's failing. Issue you mentioned is not present in the posted code but rather in some other place. – Rahul Jun 1 '12 at 18:37

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