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situation : a tableView embeded in a scrollView

I have searched some questions, someone say that set the scrollView's scrollsToTop to NO ( scrollView.scrollsToTop = NO; ) will work . I tried , but it didn't work...

thanks for your help


I know the reason now it is because I have more than one table view embeded in the scroll view so I should set all other views except the one I'm in to "scrollsToTop = NO;" :-)

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Try setting scrollsToTop to NO for the parent scroll view, and setting it to YES for the table view.

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tried , but still not work . thanks –  joshz Jun 1 '12 at 9:42
@joshz you probably have another visible TableView or ScrollView that has scrollsToTop set to YES. –  Kevin Jantzer May 19 '14 at 15:41

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