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Currently extjs numberfield is allowing '-' hyphen otherthan numbers into the field. how to restrict that from typing? if i give custom vtype validation it is checking only after i submit that.

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use autoStripChars and remove hyphen from allowed in initComponent. corrected code below.

autoStripChars: true,
initComponent: function() {
    var me = this,



    // Build regexes for masking and stripping based on the configured options
    if (me.disableKeyFilter !== true) {
        allowed = me.baseChars + '';
        if (me.allowDecimals) {
            allowed += me.decimalSeparator;
/* removed code
    if (me.minValue < 0) {
            allowed += '-';
        allowed = Ext.String.escapeRegex(allowed);
        me.maskRe = new RegExp('[' + allowed + ']');
        if (me.autoStripChars) {
            me.stripCharsRe = new RegExp('[^' + allowed + ']', 'gi');
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You need to create custom VType. VType validation is called after any change in the textfield and you have ability to configure what characters are allowed to be entered:


Take a look at xxxMask property.

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You could also use a regular Textfield with a maskRe config.

maskRe: /[0-9]/
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Similar to @lagnat's reply which is a whitelist you can blacklist characters using stripCharsRe config.

stripCharsRe: /-/

If you are wanting to restrict negative values.

minValue: 0
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