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I want to render a particle effect in 3D using the Z coordinate. I've tried to implement a own ParticleEffect using Decals instead of Sprites without success.

Is there any other way to render a ParticleEffect using the Z coordinate? Maybe by manipulating the transformation Matrix of the SpriteBatch?


working code

// update projection each frame since my camera is moving

for (ParticleEffect effect : effects){
    spriteBatch.getTransformMatrix().translate(x,y,z); // different for each effect

    effect.draw(spriteBatch, delta);

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Is your game 2d or 3d? What does "using the Z coordinate" mean? That the particles render at different sizes on the screen? Can you show a screenshot of what you have? –  P.T. Jun 2 '12 at 19:43
My game is 3d, but ParticleEffect of libgdx is for 2d (uses only X and Y, no Z) because it uses Sprites(2d) internally and SpriteBatch for drawing. I want the effect appear partially behind of near objects and in front of far objects with respect of the perspective. –  kromit Jun 4 '12 at 8:01

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If your 3D effect is a parallax effect, meaning your particles face the camera perpendicularily, you can indeed set the transformation matrix of the SpriteBatch

batch.getTransformMatrix().idt().translate(0, 0, z);
... do your rendering here
// reset the matrix, so you can use the batch for other stuff

For a perspective effect you'll also have to use perspective projection. The easiest way to cope with this requirement is to use a PerspectiveCamera instead of an OrthographicCamera.

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thank you, that was the final hint! i've updated the question with the working code. thank you for libgdx by the way! –  kromit Jun 14 '12 at 6:42

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