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Possible Duplicate:
Eclipse with Android layout's main.xml?

I'm trying to design a layout, statically. I wrote an xml file and I'm, now, modifying it under Graphical Layout mode. However, when I switch back to the XML Editor and scroll through the code, the code seems to change automatically. I even tried refreshing the file from package explorer but still in vain. Now, I know this issue since long but had neglected it. How to avoid such a thing from happening? Thanks.

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There are a million duplicates of this question. – Magicode Sep 3 '12 at 14:56
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my advise is don't do any modification under the Graphical Layout only inside the XML Editor, the Android support from Graphical Layout is a bit lame , i do all my modification from the Xml Editor

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Set Off the option: Preferences | Android | Editors | "Automatically format the XML edited by the visual layout editor" and you should be OK. With this option OFF and with Juno - the latest version - I don't seem to have this problem anymore with the Graphical Editor but I still do have it with the AndroidManifest.xml file; which use another editor. – SylvainL Sep 18 '12 at 16:07

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