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i'm new to the eclipse dev platform, i have a strange behaviour here while trying to install the following plugins :


i have downloaded them from Apache, extracted in a folder plugins inside dropins one so that i have :


and i can not still use/see them from the File / New / Other / Select a wizard

BTW after reading some posts about the kind of difficulties, i found that starting eclipse from command line with "eclipse -console" allow me to see them in the File / New / Other / select a wizard => Axis2 Code generator and Axis2 Service Archiver

so please, how is the right way to do ? and why adding -console do the trick while "normal" start do not ?

EDIT: forgot to write infos about Eclipse :

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.
Version: Indigo Service Release 2
Build id: 20120216-1857

EDIT : actually i have tested both dropping these jars inside a plugins subfolder of dropins or directly inside dropins, and none had worked. The only way to have the Axis2 service Archiver is to start with eclipse -console and having them in a plugins... i surely have missed something or have a dependency fail but i do not know how to check/correct that. This is why i have asked here.

EDIT : if this could help :

inside my bundles.info


inside console :

osgi> ss axis2

Framework is launched.

id      State       Bundle
24      <<LAZY>>    org.apache.axis2.eclipse.codegen.plugin_1.6.2
25      ACTIVE      org.apache.axis2.eclipse.service.plugin_1.6.2
461     <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.consumption.core_1.0.105.v201004211
462     <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.consumption.ui_1.0.103.v20100421180
463     <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.core_1.0.204.v201004211805
464     <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.creation.core_1.0.106.v201004211805

465     <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.creation.ui_1.0.104.v201004211805
466     <<LAZY>>    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.ui_1.0.303.v201003110431
467     RESOLVED    org.eclipse.jst.ws.axis2.ui.doc.user_1.0.100.v201005192217

osgi> diag 25
  No unresolved constraints.

osgi> diag 24
  No unresolved constraints.

and i do not find a file .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.pde.core\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator in my Eclipse Workspace

best regards

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2 Answers

I've found the dropins catalog to not be that dependable to be honest. Sometimes it works perfectly, othertimes nothing you do will make it work. I've written a question regarding it, but no answer yet: Plugins in dropins-catalog are not found

What you can do is to check if the plugin is found at all, or if there are dependencies issue that will prevent it from starting. I usually recommend Dude, where's my bundle as a good starting point to understanding how the bundles work with their different states. The osgi console can be a useful tool to see if your plugins are loaded at all. I wrote a more elaborate answer to a question where I described how it works: http://stackoverflow.com/a/9885646/207764

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thank you, i'm going to have a look! –  user1340802 Jun 1 '12 at 12:23
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As explained in the Axis2 documentation, you need to "extract the content of the plugins folder in the ZIP archive into the dropins folder (i.e. do not create a plugins folder under dropins)".

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thank you, but actually i have tested both (with or without plugins, also with or without final S), and none had worked. The only way to have the Axis2 service Archiver for me is to start with eclipse -console i surely have missed something or have a dependency fails but i do not know how to check/correct that. This is why i have asked here. –  user1340802 Jun 5 '12 at 10:02
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