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I have deployed around 40 report parts to my reporting server which are all working correctly.

The problem is my zoom is default 100 for all of them, I want a number of them to default to 75.

I have tried creating a portal with links to all report parts and using the &rc:Zoom=75 on the end of the URL for the link but it still defaults to 100.

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve what I want?

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Instead of going to :


and getting the full URL from here (plus &rc:Zoom=75)

I went here:


Which is like the back end.

From here I went to the report part I wanted to default to 75 and right clicked and selected'copy shortcut'

I then pasted this into the 'Go to URL' box along with the

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What's your full URL? I realized that the zoom doesn't work if I also have &rc:toolbar=false. If I add &rc:Zoom=25 to a standard report it work's fine.

Try removing any other tags than you may have on the URL to see which one is preventing the Zoom from working.

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