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I have a TreeGrid with selection appearence set to checkbox.

TreeGrid resultGrid = new TreeGrid();

I want some records to be drawn without these checkboxes(in case record is disabled). I found property showDisabledSelectionCheckbox, which description says:

Should tree nodes show a disabled checkbox instead of a blank space when selectionAppearance:"checkbox" is set on the treegrid, and a node can't be selected?

How I can make the node "unselectable" except setting :


And how this property(showDisabledSelectionCheckbox) works?

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I would start here. It looks like you can override canEditCell() on the ListGrid itself to keep someone from interacting with the checkbox. I haven't been able to find a method to hide the checkbox completely, however.

Perhaps setting the showDisabledSelectionCheckbox property to false in conjunction with overriding canEditCell() will get you where you're looking to go.

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TreeGrid has selection property that can be set via


So setting this property on TreeNodes will define if nodes could be selected. By default one can just use "canSelect" property.

So this line of code will disable selection of the particular node.

treeNode.setAttribute("canSelect", false);

And if selection appearance is set to SelectionAppearance.CHECKBOX, checkboxes won't be drawn near nodes which couldn't be selected. This is the only way I've found.

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