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I have the 5 tables. Thats are


id int(11)=>primary key auto increment,
name varchar(255)


id int(11)=>primary key auto increment,
mainid int(11),
field1 varchar(255),
field2 varchar(255)


id int(11)=>primary key auto increment,
mainid int(11),
field3 varchar(255),
field4 varchar(255)


id int(11)=>primary key auto increment,
mainid int(11),
field5 varchar(255),
field6 varchar(255)


id int(11)=>primary key auto increment,
mainid int(11),
field7 varchar(255),
field8 varchar(255)

Here mainid is the common for all the tables. i want to show all the table fields in one page... In that page we get the name as input ... each table contain around 5 lakh records..

How effectively i can write the query for above situation?

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If all you want to do is select all fields from all tables without filtering by anything then yes its relatively simple to do with INNER JOINS.

For example ...

SELECT * FROM maintable INNER JOIN subtable1 ON subtable1.mainid = INNER JOIN subtable2 ON subtable2.mainid = maintableid ... 


Hope that helps

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FROM maintable
  LEFT JOIN subtable1
    ON subtable1.mainid =
  LEFT JOIN subtable2
    ON subtable2.mainid = 
      LEFT JOIN subtable3
    ON subtable3.mainid = 
      LEFT JOIN subtable4
    ON subtable4.mainid = 
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