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I am working on data management application in iphone , In the app I am saving set of data using core data(like name address,contact detail etc...).

Now i want to sync existing data to iCloud only if user want to sync, and on other side i want to import all data which is on iCloud only if user wants else app should work well with local app data.So how could i complete such manually import export operation on iCloud?

some thing menu like "sync from iCloud" and "sync to iCloud"

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Your question is very general.

As first step I recommend you take a look at the following WWDC session videos:

  1. WWDC2012: Session 209 - iCloud Storage Overview
  2. WWDC2012: Session 227 - Using iCloud with Core Data
  3. WWDC2011: Session 116 - Storing Documents in iCloud Using iOS5 (for brief glimpse into UIManagedDocument).
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