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I build EditText dynamically. Among other things, I set 2 properties: hint(.setHint) and inputType(.setInputType). My problem: when I invoke setInputType, setHint has no effect: blank edittexts remain blank with no hint. Once I comment out setInputType, I see all hints. I need both input type and hint. What to do? My code:

    private EditText buildTextBox(Property property)
    EditText control = new EditText(this);
    control.setInputType(getInputTypeByPropertyInputType(property.getType()));// android.text.InputType.
    return control;

private int getInputTypeByPropertyInputType(String type)
    if (type.equals("integer"))
        return android.text.InputType.TYPE_CLASS_NUMBER;
        return android.text.InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT;
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One of methods I called was control.setGravity(Gravity.CENTER) - once I removed this call, I was able to see all the hints. I cant explain why it happens and to my mind this is pretty strange behaviour. –  Eugene Chumak Jun 1 '12 at 11:39

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@Eugene Ensure you call control.SetHint() just before you call the control.setGravity() and control.setInputType(); and it works for me verrry much!

            column1 = new EditText(this);
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I agree with Eugene. Remove the gravity(just don't use CENTER) and the hint texts will come back as normal. Nice find!

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