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I'm trying to get the current location and I'm running on this issue:

90% of times aprox. it just does it OK: it gets the location and calls didUpdateToLocation: or it fails and calls didFailWithError:. Everything as expected.

But sometimes (*always in the iOS 4.2 Simulator and sometimes on a real iPhone 4S device), it's not able to get a location at all and it does not call any of the callbacks (sometimes it calls didFailWithError but 2 or 3 minutes after starting updating location, sometimes it never does it), so I can't find a way to be aware of that.

By the way, it's the device/simulator who is not able to get the location because, when this occurs, the Maps application does not get the location either, showing the animated activity wheel indefinitely. The services are enabled and everything is well configured since it works most of the times.

So, the question: is there a way I can be aware of this circumstance and info the user?

Thank you all in advance

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I think the only way to work around this issue is to set a timer and inform the user that a location fix could not be obtained if neither of the delegate methods gets called after a reasonable amount of time (say, 20 or 30 seconds). Then call stopUpdatingLocation and try again later.

I don't know if this behavior is documented but it seems that you are not guaranteed to get a response from the location manager as it may remain for a long time in a state where it can't yet get a location fix but does not observe an error, either.

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That's exactly what I think and what I was thinking to do. Thank you for your response – sonxurxo Jun 1 '12 at 13:17

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