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Does any one know how to retrive D.O.B through Google OAuth api? I am able to get other information like name, email, gender by setting the scope as But I am not able to get D.O.B with this scope.

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I definitely get it for my account:

  "id": "108635752367054807758",
  "name": "Nicolas Garnier",
  "given_name": "Nicolas",
  "family_name": "Garnier",
  "link": "",
  "picture": "",
  "gender": "male",
  "birthday": "0000-08-25",
  "locale": "en"

all I did is authorize for the scope and then sent a GET request to

First make sure that the Google+ account that you are testing with has set a Birthday (of course), then try the request on the OAuth 2.0 Playground for instance:

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Why is the dob 0000 ? – Abhishrek Feb 8 '13 at 19:43
In Google+ users can choose to show or hide the birth year. – Nivco Feb 10 '13 at 3:00
:-> thanks for the reply though i found that out later :-> cool feature by google :D – Abhishrek Feb 13 '13 at 8:40

It seems you have to send 2 requests:

to get both google plus profile data and google account data (there are date of birthday and also locale if you need it)

I use scribes and it works ok. Set two scopes ("") and send two requests for both REST links

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