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For my purpose, like this schema

BLOG Id Name

POSTS Id BlogId Name

We 're using "NHibernate.Caches.MemCache.MemCacheProvider" And my query is

session.QueryOver<Blog>().Fetch(q => q.Posts).Eager.Cacheable().CacheMode(CacheMode.Normal)

At first query NHibernate gets from DB and fetching details (in here "Posts") I see on "NHibernateUtil.IsInitialized" like NHibernateUtil.IsInitialized(blogs.First().Posts)

So its not lazy loading.

But second time query is executing cached query using for fetched query its joining Posts again. As we know after loaded "Id" s of the Blogs its getting every single "Blog" from 2nd level cache. Here is ok for me too.

But the problem is for every blog, the Posts which belongs to single Blog is not initialized. When trying to get its getting single from 2nd level cache.

On my AutoMapper i write a condition that Map the detail if its NHibernate.IsInitialized, so its not mapping because its false.

In this case i need to load every collection which i fetched, is there any different solution for this ?

Thanks for helps...

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err.. no one did this ? i need to fetch details also from 2nd level cache at query... – storos Jun 3 '12 at 19:59
Here is an answer for your question: How do I make NHibernate cache fetched child collections – cryss Jul 12 '12 at 21:44

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