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I keep getting this error everytime I make an AJAX (iFrame) request to upload a video to viddler.

Permission denied to get property XMLDocument.readyState
ajaxupload35.js (line 455)
[Break on this error] if (doc.readyState && doc.readyState != 'complete'){

Line 455 to 460 is this:

			// fixing Opera 9.26
			if (doc.readyState && doc.readyState != 'complete'){
				// Opera fires load event multiple times
				// Even when the DOM is not ready yet
				// this fix should not affect other browsers

Full script can be found here.

I keep getting this error although everything works for me. But I would rather solve it - can anyone help?

From another stackoverflow question, I read from Tor Haugen "Does you iframe reference another domain? If it does, you're probably hitting your browser's cross-site scripting defence".

Is the same case for me, if so, how can I fix this?


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You need a server-side proxy to make the cross-domain request for you, and call this proxy with your AJAX, because Javascript cannot access other domains.

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Its a form that is being submitted to viddler from my site using an iFrame and just waiting for the response. Surely, JS can do thi without access the other domain, right? –  Abs Jul 6 '09 at 16:07
Yes, you can submit it, but you can't get the response because it resides in a frame which is displaying an HTML page (or any other type of response) from another domain. –  Josh Stodola Jul 6 '09 at 16:47

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