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I want to add a couple of logging options to GNU make so I can see what is happening when building FireFox and friends.

I have the make-3.80 sources and a complete working Cygwin build environment. Starting with ./configure and the Make I get a working executable as expected.

Question: What configuration is required so the executable in an identical manner to the make.exe bundled in Moztools?


If HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL is not defined then with


Make barfs as soon as it hits this section of the Mozilla configure script

CWD := $(shell pwd)
ifneq (1,$(words $(CWD)))
$(error The mozilla directory cannot be located in a path with spaces.)


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Use make -n and/or make -d? Put logging stuff into the makefile? Modifying make itself should be an option of last resort.

Looking at, it seems mozilla has moved away from cygwin. What versions of mozilla products are you trying to build?

(Note that Visual C can be downloaded for free; look for the "Express Edition".)

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The debug options don't really help as they are too verbose. Adding logging to the makefiles is virtually impossible as they are (literally) hundreds of them & they need to track new releases. Even modifying the configure scripts to 'echo' all command fails for some cases. The build system is incredibly fragile - the configure scripts (3 of them) are ~23K lines each. But your answer points spotlights the obvious point I missed - it may be the mingw-msys source I need, not the GNU code. Thx++ – G Forty Jul 6 '09 at 10:02

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