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i have string like below "June 1, 2012". i need to find day for the above string.

this value return from wordpress postdate() function.

how can i do this in php?

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A simple search on SO should have answered this for you - stackoverflow.com/questions/1385801/… –  Aaron W. Jun 1 '12 at 12:23
@Aaron W. but i need to get day form above format only. –  Ravichandran Jothi Jun 1 '12 at 12:26
Did you try it? –  Aaron W. Jun 1 '12 at 13:30
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Can't you parse the date with strtotime? If so, you can do it like this:

date('l', strtotime('June 1, 2012'));
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'l' (lower case L) for full day and 'D' for 3 letter day –  Nick Apr 14 at 6:48
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$unix_timestamp = strtotime($date);
echo date('l', $unix_timestamp); // displays Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday...
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$date = "June 1, 2012";
echo date('l', strtotime($date));
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$timestamp= strtotime("June 1, 2012");
$day = date('l', $timestamp);

echo $day;

For more details, read strtotime and date

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$date = "June 1, 2012"
$day = date('j', strtotime($date))

You can do different options in the date function to display the day (or other date parts as needed)

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Although the answer is easily found, you would be best to research first:


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<?php echo date('d',strtotime('June 1, 2012')); ?>

You can use a variable instead of the static date string.

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