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I have a textbox with dates out of a database, the dates are in the following format:

2012/06/12 12:00:00 AM

That is what they display in the textbox.

I want them to display "dd M yy"

06 Jun 2012

How can Format the textbox to display the date like this.

I can get today's date to display in this format with the following code:

            dateFormat: "dd M yy"
$('.DatePicker').datepicker('setDate', new Date());
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This question was already asked. There are lots of reasonable answers here:

Formatting a date in JavaScript

My suggestion is that you use DateJS. It will allow you to use the toString('dd M yy') formatting you're looking for.


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Thanks ill check this out :) –  Pomster Jun 1 '12 at 13:02

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