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Is there a way to programmatically close all open dialogs in a Java 1.4 Swing application? I know that Java 6 has Window.getWindows() but that won't work for me. We're stuck in Java 1.4.

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Can't you just keep a list of Windows and when you want to close them, do a loop and close them one by one? – Johann du Toit Jun 1 '12 at 13:04
@JohannduToit I was just thinking that.. – Andrew Thompson Jun 1 '12 at 13:11

See methods like:

All were introduced with Java 1.2

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You can use Frame.getFrames() and then iterate recursively invoking getOwnedWindows() on all those frames and windows. However, I don't know if ownerless dialogs will be included in this.

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you can close a single frame using code below;

for(Frame f: Frame.getFrames()) {

    if(f.getTitle().matches("Report Window")) { //your frame title
        f.dispose(); //or any other closing methods


however, you can add them to the list and you can call all of them from the list and then dispose.

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