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I'm trying to register receiver, that will check VPN status. I have tried this: Get VPN Connection status on Android but looks like it no longer works on ICS. I have checked android source code for some clue, but with no luck, only noticed that in ISC there is nothing like: vpn.connectivity and connection_state - it use to be in android 2.3. Also tried using android.net.conn.CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE as my IntentFilter, but it doesn't react on VPN connection at all (of course I have added permission android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE). I thought that it is simple thing to do, but I already run out of ideas how to do it... Could someone help me with this please?

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May be you can try to poll for DNS server changes. If it has changed then VPN has connected. However, I think there could be a lot of exception to this rule.

How do you get the current DNS servers for Android?

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My solution is polling a NIC list.
# You can get the list by executing command "ls /sys/class/net".

If the list has "tun0", the device already has connected to VPN.

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