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I am trying to use python to extract certain information from html code. for example:

<a href="#tips">Visit the Useful Tips Section</a> 
and I would like to get result : Visit the Useful Tips Section

<div id="menu" style="background-color:#FFD700;height:200px;width:100px;float:left;">
<b>Menu</b><br />
HTML<br />
CSS<br />
and I would like to get Menu HTML CSS

In other word, I wish to get everything between <>and<> I am trying to write a python function that takes the html code as a string, and then extract information from there. I am stuck at string.split('<').

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Have you tried using any HTML parsing library? Or you can actually process the file by removing all the tags (a bit tricky to do with <script> tag, though). – nhahtdh Jun 1 '12 at 13:24

You should use a proper HTML parsing library, such as the HTMLParser module.

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string = '<a href="#tips">Visit the Useful Tips Section</a>'
re.findall('<[^>]*>(.*)<[^>]*>', string) //return 'Visit the Useful Tips Section'
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@lazyr: depends on the context... If you know enough about the markup structure and there's no ambiguity, a mere regexp can JustWork with way less overhead than a full blown HTML parser. But you indeed have to know when the regexp is ok and when it's time to go for your HTML parser... – bruno desthuilliers Jun 1 '12 at 13:45

You can use lxml html parser.

>>> import lxml.html as lh
>>> st = ''' load your above html content into a string '''
>>> d = lh.fromstring(st)
>>> d.text_content()

'Visit the Useful Tips Section \nand I would like to get result : Visit the Useful Tips Section\n\n\nMenu\nHTML\nCSS\nand I would
like to get Menu HTML CSS\n'

or you can do

>>> for content in d.text_content().split("\n"):
...     if content:
...             print content
Visit the Useful Tips Section
and I would like to get result : Visit the Useful Tips Section
and I would like to get Menu HTML CSS
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I understand you are trying to strip out the HTML tags and keep only the text.

You can define a regular expression that represents the tags. Then substitute all matches with the empty string.


def remove_html_tags(data):
    p = re.compile(r'<.*?>')
    return p.sub('', data)



Docs about python regular expressions

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I'd use BeautifulSoup - it gets much less cranky with mal-formed html.

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