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I am trying to test my gwt app with gwt junit but seems to not be able to set up things correctly to make the objectify be tested. All the tutorials demonstrate testing DataStore but not objectify (which is higher level of data base service) My base class for testing looks like this:

public class TestBase {
private static final LocalServiceTestHelper helper =
    new LocalServiceTestHelper(new LocalDatastoreServiceTestConfig());
protected static ObjectifyFactory fact;

public static void setUp() {
    fact = new ObjectifyFactory() {
        public Objectify begin(ObjectifyOpts opts)
            return super.begin(opts);


public static void tearDown() {


then i have classes that extends the base:

public class UserServiceTest extends TestBase{
private User inactiveUser;
private UserService us;
Objectify _ofy;

public ExpectedException thrown = ExpectedException.none();

public void beforeTest() {   

    //Register the classes used in the test

    us = new UserService();
    inactiveUser = new User();


public void basicTest(){
    Objectify ofy = ObjectifyService.begin();
    ofy.put(inactiveUser); //This fails with exception: An exception occurred:$CallNotFoundException 

            //My goal is to reach these test but "addUser" uses also objectify
    //UserService.addUser("", "bye");

Do you have an idea of what am I doing wrong? I looked all over the Internet and found no solution (some even said to remove app-engine-sdk from .classpath but it dosent seems to work.

Thank you.

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How is this related to GWT? I only see plain JUnit, AppEngine and Objectify here. – Thomas Broyer Jun 1 '12 at 13:48
Hi Thomas, My project is a gwt project and I am running gwt junit test. – Michael Jun 1 '12 at 13:58
Well, this is a JUnit 4 test, not a GWTTestCase, so it can hardly be called a "gwt junit test"; it's just a plain JUnit test, there's nothing GWT-related in it; it doesn't really matter whether you use GWT in the same project or not as far as this test is concerned. – Thomas Broyer Jun 2 '12 at 11:07
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I solved this.

Although should be part of the app-engine Some jars still needs to be inside the .classpath :




${SDK_ROOT}/lib/impl/appengine-api-stubs.jar //This one I missed

Also I upgraded my app-engine to v (maybe that also helped).

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