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Im using Netbeans GUI Builder and I am adding a JTree to my form, as it does Netbeans is generating all the code for the JTree.

What i want to know is, is there a way in Netbeans to add code to the generated code... like in the source view in the Generated Code section it creates

jTree = new javax.swing.JTree();

i want to add populateJTree.addNodes(null, folder) so it looks like

jTree = new javax.swing.JTree(populateJTree.addNodes(null, folder));

Is there a way of doing this

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i sorted it, if you go to the Properties window for the JTree and the Code section, you can add

new javax.swing.JTree(populateJTree.addNodes(null, folder));

to the custom creation code part and it will create

jTree = new javax.swing.JTree(populateJTree.addNodes(null, folder));

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Yes there is a way to add code. Just right click on the component (in this example it would be JTree) than choose "Customize code", select "custom creation" and you are good to go.

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