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I am trying to create dynamic html created from jquery and save it as json and post to a database using codeigniter. Currently the data is not showing correctly in the database. its just 0. A few issues i am confused with. What should the values of the table be if its storing json data? varchar or what?

I using ajax to post from jquery to a controller in codeigniter

my code from jquery as below

    type: "POST",
    dataType: "JSON",
    //url: "<?php echo site_url('application/models/question_model/jsonAddData');?>",
    //data: cssObject,
    data: item,
    success: function(data) {

the controller code as below

  if($this->input->is_ajax_request()) {
            $title = $this->input->post('cssObject');
            header('Content-Type: application/json',true);
            $query1 = "INSERT INTO testjson (data) VALUES (".$this->db->escape($title).")";
            $query = $this->db->query($query1);
        catch(Exception $e)

When i use chrome developer tools the post is ok. but in the database there is nothing. Thanks in advance for the help!

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If you want to receive the data like

$title = $this->input->post('cssObject');

then you have to use

data: {cssObject: cssObject} ,

in your ajax call.

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hmm what about the database? currently what i see from phpmyadmin is showing nothing. –  edelweiss Jun 2 '12 at 2:22
what does this line prints print_r($title);? –  Joy Jun 2 '12 at 5:26

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