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I am starting to learn xml and I am facing a problem. I need to add elements to the xml file so I use this method:

function newNode() 
    var xmlDoc = loadXMLDoc("Nodes.xml");

    var nodes = xmlDoc.documentElement;
    var newNode = xmlDoc.createElement('node');
    var newName = xmlDoc.createElement('name');
    var newText = xmlDoc.createTextNode('Start Node');



    return xmlDoc;

it works fine and the alert shows "Start Node", but when I use the same alert command as in:

function z() 
    var xmlDoc = loadXMLDoc("Nodes.xml");

I get this error: Unable to get value of the property 'childNodes': object is null or undefined.

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Could you please send an example of XML file before running your z function ?

With what I can see here, it simply means that there is no "name" node in the document, meaning that getElementsByTagName("name") = [], explaining why getElementsByTagName("name")[0] is undefined.

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the xml file starts with the document element only and I will start adding nodes with newNode(). getElementsByTagName("name")[0] is null when called in z() but it works fine in newNode(). – Amr Abbas Jun 1 '12 at 14:42

I hate to be that guy, but XML can be easily modified and traversed using a library like jQuery, dojo, mootools, or my recent favorite zepto (if you don't need to support old IE).

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