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I've been reading a lot of info on Require.js. AMD seems very interesting and I got it to work in a standalone backbone.js app. However, Sprocket in Rails seems to conflict with it. Do you recommend projects to go with standard Rails asset pipeline without Require.js?

I saw this article but it's for Rails 3.1, so not sure if it's still applicable: Using RequireJS with a Rails 3.1 app

Also, Underscore no longer seems to be supporting AMD. I don't want to use yet another package to work with Backbone.

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To answer the last part of your question, requirejs now supports a shim config option that will allow usage of non-AMD libraries (like Underscore) - requirejs.org/docs/api.html#config-shim –  Simon Smith Jun 1 '12 at 14:54
There are gems for this: gem 'requirejs-rails' –  Mosselman Jun 4 '12 at 1:33

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I did this awhile ago I used the "use" requireJS plugin to load incompatible libs like underscore.js


and I think I only included require.js into the sprockets assets, and used it like in any other application.

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