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I have the following in my code:

 lblIsInvalid.Visible = True

I have noticed that even after going to this line, it does not make the label visible. I am thinking this may be a refresh issue as the last line hit is lblIsInvalid.Visible = True. Is there any refresh property that I may not be aware of for a label control.

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I'm assuming this is an ASP.NET project based on your other questions. If not, please excuse my edit. –  Steven Doggart Jun 1 '12 at 14:26

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If this is a WinForm project, no, label visibility works the way you expect. If you set it visible and it's not showing up, it's most likely because it's inside a container parent control which is not visible, or it's location is off the viewable area of the form, or it's behind another control, or something is setting it invisible again.

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