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One thing that I miss from Eclipse is that I can't run code for testing various things (think short main()) if some totally unrelated files in my project contain errors. I've read in FAQ that I can use Eclipse compiler with -proceedOnErrors argument but it still doesn't work. Temporarily fixing unfinished code to compile is not really what I want.

I should note that I use Scala plugin too but still majority of my code are Java files.

Thank you.

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Well, you can do it. The important part, of course, that the class with the main function compiles.

There are two ways you can go:

  1. Compile the class that you want to run only (CTRL Shift F9). Run the main function with a right click. It will fail, but IntelliJ will automagically create a temporary running configuration for this main function. Now edit this configuration and uncheck the option to "Make before launch". Then go back to the file and launch the main as before.
  2. Go to the configurations screen, then Defaults and then Application pane. Uncheck the "Make before launch" option and then you're good to go, as in section one, for any main function you'll encounter/create in this project.
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It's still not as easy as in Eclipse (I have to compile and run separately) but at least I don't have to fix whole project. Thank you. –  woky Jun 2 '12 at 12:43
This was quite a *** process. –  momo Jan 5 at 7:46
What about compile and execute this *** main method in isolation. That would be an idea. Now I have to open a new project just to execute a java file without having to go through ten menus first. –  momo Jan 5 at 7:48

Modify your configuration to use Make, no error check option instead of Make.

For more information see this answer

Note that this may not be enough in your use case. Last resort is to use the solution provided by Vics answer.

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Great, destroy all error handling. What about compile and execute this *** main method in isolation –  momo Jan 5 at 7:47

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