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Can you create a custom User Story grid in Rally with the following query?

(((Parent = null) AND (Owner.Name = "")) OR ((Parent.Name contains "Example") AND (Owner.Name = "")))

Every time I try to do this it only returns results for the second part of the query. It seems like it cannot combine the Parent = null and the Parent.Name contains "Example".

Thanks for any feedback! I know that we could create two grids, but it would be nice to combine it into one.

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This looks like a bug to me. Ignoring the owner portion of the query and taking just the Parent portions, per the title of your question: ((Parent = null) or (Parent.Name = 'xxxx')), it seems that I am also always seeing results that match the latter condition. If I switch the order, I get Parent-less stories. I'd recommend submitting a Case to Rally Support - - they can get this filed with the Rally developers.

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Thank you Mark. I've opened a case with Rally Support. – xkcd303 Jun 6 '12 at 11:56

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