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I have multiple ruby test cases for selenium-webdriver and all the files are sharing the same user name and password to login to my account. Is there a way to create a global file and include that file in these test cases instead of typing them over and over again, something like #include?

Here is the part of the code that needs to be shared between other test cases:

def setup

  @driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox
  @base_url = "http://localhost:3000/"
  @driver.manage.timeouts.implicit_wait = 30
  @verification_errors = []

  @facebook_ID = ""
  @facebook_password = "xxxxxxx"
  @facebook_receiver_friend = "John Smith"

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There are multiple ways to do it. You could use

require 'setup'

where setup.rb is the common file that has all the setting up variables/functions.

You could also use a YAML file. More information here. Where all your config attributes can be defined.

Also put this is at the top of the file $:.unshift '.' . This is so that your test file can "discover" your setup.rb file which is routable from the home directory.

Note - Even though you will save the file as setup.rb you will require as only setup.

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on my setup.rb, how should I save these variables ? should I put everything in a module ? or "def setup" ........ Sorry im new – Ali Jun 1 '12 at 15:02
Lets start of with def setup, and call the function normally from your test file. – Amey Jun 1 '12 at 15:20

I got my answer:


This will insert what I have in setup.dat as a text wherever I need it.

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