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I'm wondering is it any add in/plug in SDK for Outlook Express. As i know, we can use COM addin or VSTO to develop our own plugin for MS Outlook. So how about addin for Outlook Express. Thanks.

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The alternatives are:

  1. Look at the "Reading and Writing Messages in Outlook Express" article.
  2. Use the Add-In-Express IDE integration of Nektra's OEAPI.
  3. Use the Nektra's OEAPI for Outlook Express & Windows Mail and WLMailApi for Windows Live Mail API. (Disclosure: I work for Nektra).
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Outlook express is now called windows mail. You are limited to what you can do with is compared to VSTO.

The pubished API's are at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms709546(VS.85).aspx

I am not sure what the lastest is but I thought that they were pulling it in it latest guise.

I you are looking for a more rad tool and managed code http://www.add-in-express.com/programming-outlook-express/ is probally the way to go.

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Check out this Wikipedia entry on Outlook Express; specifically the "Extensibility" section of the article.

Looks like there's a GPLd example of a PGP plugin, so you might start there.

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