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I have a multidimensional JSON, whose data I want to use to plot markers on my Google Map.

I use this plugin for Jquery to work with my Google Map.

With my current code I don't see any markers appear on my map. What could be causing this?

Upon init event - the script should iterate over the JSON data, plot it on the map, and create/attach info-boxes with appropriate HTML markup for each value of each property to every marker.

My JSON looks like this:

[{product:{productName:"ProductA", productPrice:"19.99", productQuantity:"12", Lat:"53.573858", Lng:"45.985456"}},{product:{... repeat ...}}, {...}]

My jQuery's $.each() looks like this:

$('#map').gmap(mapOptions).bind('init', function () {
    $.post('myscript.php', function (json) {
        var theMarkers = json;
        $.each(theMarkers.product, function (i, object) {
            $.each(object, function (property, value) {
                $('#map').gmap('addMarker', {
                    'position': new google.maps.LatLng(object.Lat.value, object.Lng.value),
                    'bounds': true,
                    'icon': 'myicon.png'
                }).click(function () {
                    $('#map').gmap('openInfoWindow', {
                        'content': '<h1>' + object.productName.value + '</h1>' + '<h2 style="color: grey">' + object.productPrice.value + '</h2><p style="color: green">' + object.productQuantity.value + '</p>'
                    }, this);
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Can you include the JSON that has the Lat and Lng values ..... – ManseUK Jun 1 '12 at 14:50
@ManseUK: I did. Just forgot to include them. I'll edit OP. – Bob Jun 1 '12 at 14:59

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The products are one level deeper than your current code assumes they are. So with

var theMarkers = json;
$.each(theMarkers, function (i, object) {

You will the get the objects containing your products, but theMarkers itself does not have any property called product.

You can test this with the following code:

$.each(theMarkers, function (i, o) {
  console.log(i, o);
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You should do it like this :

'position': new google.maps.LatLng(parseFloat(object.Lat.value), parseFloat(object.Lng.value)),

as google.maps.LatLng expects 2 numbers and you are passing strings.

See the docs got LatLng here

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Thanks for the helpful tip. It worked fine before with strings when I didn't have a multidimensional JSON on my hand. – Bob Jun 1 '12 at 16:03
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$('#map').gmap(mapOptions).bind('init', function(){
                    $.post('myscript.php', function(json){
                        var theMarkers = json;
                        $.each(theMarkers, function(i, element) {
                            $.each(element, function(object, dataMembers){
                                    $('#map').gmap('addMarker', { 'position': new google.maps.LatLng(parseFloat(dataMembers.Lat), parseFloat(dataMembers.Lng)), 'bounds':true, 'icon':'myicon.png' } ).click(function(){                                
                                        $('#map').gmap('openInfoWindow', { 'content': '<h1>'+dataMembers.productName+'</h1>'+'<h2 style="color: grey">'+dataMembers.productPrice+'</h2><p style="color: green">'+dataMembers.productQuantity+'</p>' }, this);

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