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I'm looking for an Additive White Gaussian Noise generator for .NET.

  1. I know that somewhere there is some degree of interoperability between .NET and MATLAB, which has a AWGN generator, but I don't know if its free EDIT and I just found it.

  2. Probably other applications as GNU Octave, which have similar functionalities to MATLAB, have .NET bindings. I didn't an extensive search on this matter.

  3. I would rather use a .NET library that has this function. From the ones I know:

  4. Math.NET Neodym doesn't seem to have it.

  5. AForge.NET has a Gaussian number generator, but I lack the understanding of AWGN to know if this generator could be used for this purpose. Any ideas?

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To what will you be applying this generator? AWGN is "background" noise added on to some kind of signal; what signal will you be using in your code? –  Stobor Jul 6 '09 at 4:36
@Stobor, let's say I just need a White Gaussian signal generator. –  Jader Dias Jul 6 '09 at 11:20

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AGWN is just a Gaussian (normally) distributed number added to each value of a numeric array. So all you need is a Gaussian random numerber generator (RNG).

There is one in chapter 7 of Practical Numerical Methods in C# by Jack Xu.

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I know you already found it, but I figured I'd post the link here to help complete the Q&A paradigm.

MATLAB can deploy .NET or COM components using MATLAB Builder NE and MATLAB Compiler. It's a bit pricey, but can often save a lot of time when you can prototype and develop your numerical algorithms in MATLAB and avoid recoding in a faster language.

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