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I've wrote this code:

<?php $offset = 0;  ?>
<?php  $Counter = 0; ?>
<?php $IsRD = 1; ?>
<?php $temp = 0;  ?>
<?php $TmpString = $_helper->productAttribute($_product, nl2br($_product->getprojector_compatibility()) , 'projector_compatibility');?>

<?php echo "<table border=\"0\" align=\"center\">"; ?>
<?php echo "<tr><th><h1>Compatibility:</h1></th></tr>"; ?>

<?php  if(strpos(  $TmpString, ";") == 0){  
    echo "<tr><td>The #$Counter is at position - 0 </td>";
 } ?>

while($offset = strpos( $TmpString, ";", $offset + 1)){     

    if ($IsRD == 3) {
        echo "<td>" , $substr($TmpString,$temp,$offset-$temp) , "</td></tr><tr>";
    else {
**line 171** echo "<td>", $substr($TmpString,$temp,$offset-$temp),"</td>";
 } ?>
<?php echo "</tr></table>";  ?>

and when I run it I get this error:

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /home/...../view.phtml on line 171

What am I missing / doing wrong?

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the line must be




You've got also wrong code in echo lines, like this one:

echo "<td>" , $substr($TmpString,$temp,$offset-$temp) , "</td></tr><tr>";

Replace commas with dots (string concatenation operator) and do what I wrote above with dollar sign ($)

echo "<td>" . substr($TmpString,$temp,$offset-$temp) . "</td></tr><tr>";

And better readable coding style:

echo "<td>". substr($TmpString,$temp,$offset-$temp) ."</td></tr><tr>";
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Remove the "$" from the substr.

echo "<td>", substr($TmpString,$temp,$offset-$temp),"</td>";

PHP tried to lookup the value of the variable "$substr" which was not set to anything and use that as the function name. Since $substr was not set, it used the value empty string "" as the function name and produced that (unhelpful) error message about illegal function name.

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You have an extra $ before the name of substr in that line that needs to be removed.

The current version instructs PHP to look at the contents of the (hypothetical) variable $substr, which is expected to contain a string, and call the function whose name is equal to that string (PHP calls this variable functions).

Of course there's no variable $substr in your code, hence the error.

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